Beautiful sterling silver hand enameled blue crab with pearl in claws on adjustable chain.


Experience the allure of the sea with our Beautiful sterling silver hand enameled blue crab with pearl in claws on adjustable chain. This unique piece, showcasing a vibrant colour in diamond, is a perfect blend of craftsmanship and style. The hand-enameled blue crab, clutching a lustrous pearl, is a testament to our commitment to quality and design. The adjustable chain ensures a perfect fit, making it an ideal addition to your jewelry collection or a memorable gift for a loved one. Dive into the ocean’s beauty with this exquisite piece from M.S. Brown Jewelers.

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Discover the Magic of Colour in Diamond

When it comes to diamonds, colour is more than just a visual aspect. It’s a defining characteristic that can significantly impact a diamond’s value. However, understanding the colour in diamond isn’t always straightforward. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of diamond hues and how they can transform your jewelry experience.

The Importance of Diamond Colour

Diamond colour refers to the presence of any colour in a diamond, with the most desirable diamonds being completely colourless. However, many diamonds exhibit hints of yellow, brown, or even grey. The colour grade of a diamond can dramatically affect its price and overall appeal.

Understanding the Diamond Colour Scale

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades diamond colour on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). Most diamonds fall within the G to J range, where the colour is nearly or entirely undetectable to the unaided eye. However, diamonds with a higher colour grade can be just as beautiful, especially when set in the right metal.

Choosing the Right Diamond Colour

When it comes to choosing the right diamond hue, it’s all about personal preference. Some people prefer the icy brilliance of a colourless diamond, while others are drawn to the warm glow of a slightly coloured diamond. Moreover, certain settings can enhance or diminish the appearance of colour in a diamond, so it’s essential to consider the overall design of your piece.

  • Colourless Diamonds (D-F): These diamonds are the most sought after due to their rarity and stunning brilliance. They’re perfect for platinum or white gold settings, which highlight their lack of colour.
  • Near Colourless Diamonds (G-J): These diamonds offer excellent value for money. The slight colour is hardly noticeable, especially when set in yellow or rose gold.
  • Faint Colour Diamonds (K-M): These diamonds have a slight yellow tint that can be minimized with a yellow gold setting.

Colour in Fancy Diamonds

While we’ve been discussing the absence of colour in diamonds, it’s important to note that some diamonds are prized for their vibrant hues. These are known as fancy coloured diamonds and can come in every colour of the rainbow. The colour in diamond gems like these is evaluated differently, with the intensity of the colour being the most important factor.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the colour in diamond is crucial when choosing a piece that suits your style and budget. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a colourless diamond or the unique charm of a fancy coloured diamond, the choice is yours. Remember, the best diamond is one that brings you joy every time you wear it.

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